Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Such A Woman.

 I seem to have this ever growing obsession with french actresses. They are just so beautiful in an effortless, whimsical, laissez-faire kinda way. My latest french crush is the pouty, curvacious Emmanuelle Béart. The film that made her famous in France was Manon of the Spring (1986), in which she played the role of a blonde shepherd dancing nude in the fields. Her most famous film is La bell noiseuse (1991) directed by Jacques Rivette and also starring the famous Jane Birkin. 
She is an extremely sensitive perfectionist, she took violin lessons for a year for a role and is very politically active in France, fighting for the rights of immigrants. She is just so deeply enchanting on so many levels. She is such a woman! She really makes me want to embrace my own curvy figure rather than strain to be Moss skinny.

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  1. I do too, French sounds so sexy. I've always had a girl crush on Vanessa Paradis.

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