Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Witching Hour.

It's slowly nearing Halloween, my favorite holiday. So I wanted to do a post inspired on witches. I am thinking of dressing up for one this year....we will see. I have always been interested in magic, myths, mysteries, nature, spirituality, mysticism, symbolism and all things esoteric. I don't know what is out there, but I feel it. Anything is possible. We do have the power to dream things into existence. Give out blessings and curses.

There's magic in all of us. 
Careful how you use it.

It's the Witching Hour!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Cool Down.

I long for cooler weather, thick socks, sweaters, soups, pumpkin spice lattes, sitting by the fire, a chill in the air, the sound of my boots against the wet pavement, leaves scattered on the ground...
I really have a thing for autumn. It gets me all inspired. I love to be outside in the autumn on long aimless walks. It never seems to come soon enough. It always seems as though summer drags on and on. Every year in September I find myself feeling the same way. Longing for that time between Summer and Winter that I, affectionally, call "The Cool Down" due to L.A.'s lack of anything resembling actual seasons.

Come autumn, change the world around us and release your magic...