Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Wonderland.

I have not posted on here since I was pregnant almost two years ago. I am trying to work at doing more creative things that I used to enjoy. Being a mother has been all consuming. So I am going to try to do posts on here again. I moved to Boston from Los Angeles last spring. This is my first real winter! It hasn't really snowed much yet, so far it's been a very mild winter. I am enjoying the cold weather. It did briefly snow the other day, Wren and I watched out the window for like an hour. It was beautiful, the falling snow dancing in the wind...I am looking forward to winter for many years to come. I love the white scenery, roasted vegetables, hot tea and coco, wooly socks, snuggles by the fire, sledding adventures, snowball fights, warm family dinners.

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